McDonald's customer rages at $4 salad: 'Your own fault'

The fast-food giant has responded to a patron's gripe about portion sizes.

A McDonald's customer in Brisbane has voiced his frustration with the fast-food giant after opting for a garden salad with his meal only to find it not meeting his expectations of size and quality.

The disgruntled patron took to Reddit to share a photo of the Macca's salad in a take-away box, and a second image that showed a few small pieces of lettuce and four cherry tomatoes laid out on a plate.

"This is a LARGE garden salad from a Macca's meal – literally one single lettuce leaf and four cherry tomatoes," he stated in the post. "At least they did not forget the sauce pack this time, I suppose."

McDonald's garden salad
A McDonald's customer has complained about the size of his garden salad. Source: Reddit

Although it was pointed out there's no such thing as a "large" garden salad at McDonald's, several Redditors were still unimpressed with the size of the portion, which retails for about $4.15 on its own. "Is the 20c there as a reminder of what you should have paid for it?" one user responded, referring to the coin included for scale in the customer's pics.

'Why go to Macca's for salad?'

Overwhelmingly though, the man didn't receive much sympathy, as many onlookers were left scratching their heads over why anyone would get a salad from McDonald's in the first place. "This is pretty terrible but I'm not surprised. I honestly think they need to ditch these options as people really don't go to Macca's for a salad that often surely," one user replied, while another commented: "If you buy salad from Macca's, it's your own fault."

"You wouldn't go to a Bunnings for a wedding dress, so why go to Macca's for salad?" asked someone else. In response to such questions, some users admitted to ordering a Macca's salad in the past – but at a time when portions were larger and more reasonably priced. "I used to, but it was nothing like this. Had other ingredients like cucumber, cheese, was much bigger, and back when McDonald's prices were actually worth what you got and not a complete and utter scam," one customer shared.

Some users defended the fast-food chain, saying garden salads are advertised as a side dish rather than a main. "They're also only meant to have four cherry tomatoes. If you want a salad of substance, next time try one of the main chicken salads," one Redditor suggested.

McDonald's responds

Commenting on the matter, a McDonald's spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia: "At McDonald's, we are committed to giving our customers a great experience every time they visit our restaurants. If a customer isn't happy with their experience, we encourage them to contact our customer service team so we can look into it in more detail."

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