Aussie McDonald's workers roast customer demands in viral TikTok

The video has struck a chord with fast-food staffers across the country, but not everyone is amused.

Two McDonald's employees have mocked demanding customers, listing some of the most annoying requests they've received while on the job.

In a TikTok video captioned "I wish this was fake", the Macca's workers burst into fits of laughter as they recount questions like, "Can I get a large fries but no salt?" and "Hey, do you guys accept Afterpay?".

McDonald's drive-thru; McDonald's workers laughing in TikTok video still
A pair of McDonald's workers couldn't contain their laughter when recounting strange customer requests in a video that's generated over 260,000 views. Source: Getty, TikTok

Impersonating patrons, the McDonald's staffers took turns listing more eye-roll inducing queries, such as:

"Hey, I know I've drank like half of my coffee, but do you mind refilling it for me?"

"Can I have an extra tea bag in that? But I don't want to pay for it."

"Can I have a large skinny latte but can you put four sugars in it please?"

"Can I get a cheeseburger, but no cheese?"

"Can I have a large iced chocolate with lactose-free milk but can you make sure there's whipped cream on top please?"

"I know you put soy milk in my coffee but this is definitely soy milk, right?"

Video strikes a chord

The clip resonated with other Macca's workers, who described it as "so relatable" and shared the bizarre customer requests they'd received.

"'Cause I've spent so much can you throw in some freebies?" one employee responded.

"On overnights: 'Can I get a sundae?' 'Sorry, no ice cream at the moment'. 'Can I get a McFlurry then?'" commented a second.

"Or when you write on the coffee lids so they don't get confused and they still ask which one is which," added a third.

Macca's fans justify odd requests

Not everyone found the video funny, however, with some McDonald's customers responding to justify the requests they'd made of staff. "I'm the soy milk girl. LIKE SORRY, I'm dairy intolerant. Like I have to triple check. I swear to God I do not trust it," admitted one viewer.

"I say no salt just so I know I'm getting fresh/hot fries," confessed another. "We ask for fries with no salt because we can see the fry box and we know they've been sitting there for ages and we know people have touched them," someone else confirmed.

Fast-food confusion

Several viewers also said it was common for patrons to mix up different fast-food chains. "I work at KFC and some customers ask for a coffee, some ask for Big Macs," one shared, while a Macca's employee claimed he'd been asked for a KFC Zinger box.

"Once I got sworn at by an old man because we didn't sell Whoppers. I work at McDonald's," added a staffer whose confused costumer requested the most iconic item on the Hungry Jack's menu.

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