McDonald's unveils two new limited-edition dipping sauces

McDonald's has unveiled two more limited edition Chicken McNugget sauces which will be available at restaurants across Australia from tomorrow.

Late last month Maccas released two limited edition sauces, Cajun and Szechuan, and teased two more that would be available later in July.

On Tuesday, the fast food chain revealed the final two sauces, both are making their debut in Australia.

From tomorrow, Australians will be able to dip their McNuggets in Curry and Mighty Hot Sauce. Both sauces will be available from Wednesday, July 20 until Tuesday, August 2, while stocks last.

McDonald's has revealed the final two limited edition McNugget sauces. Source: McDonald's
McDonald's has revealed the final two limited edition McNugget sauces. Source: McDonald's

"The Curry Sauce is a delicately spiced and fruity sauce," McDonald's said in a media release on Tuesday.

"The Mighty Hot Sauce takes chilli to the next level, packing the ultimate punch."

The Cajun and Szechuan sauce were released in limited quantities earlier in July and have since sold out across Australia.

Aussie's petition for sauce to return

It's fair to say the Curry sauce will be a hit. While McDonald's said the Curry sauce was new to Australia, one person seems to remember a version being sold here and actually started a petition for it to be brought back.

"I can’t be the only one who misses the old McDonalds Curry Sauce that was sold here in Australia, it’s been years since we could dunk our chips, nuggets and the likes in this tasty deliciousness," the petition says.

"Let’s get enough signatures so that McDonald's Australia can bring this McSauce back to our plates even if it’s for a limited time so at least we can stock up!!"

McDonalds chicken nuggets with curry sauce, left, and Mighty Hot dipping sauce, right. Source: McDonald's
Curry and Mighty Hot dipping sauces will be available at McDonald's restaurants across Australia from July 20. Source: McDonald's

The petition has over 200 signatures. Yahoo News Australia can confirm this is the first time this specific Curry Sauce flavour has launched in Australia.

The limited edition sauces come after McDonald's announced the arrival of the McPlant Burger at 270 restaurants across Australia.

The plant-based burger is only available in Victoria and the trial will run until November 1 this year. The hero of the McPlant is a plant-based patty made from peas, rice, potatoes, and beetroot.

The McPlant already made waves overseas before coming to Victorian restaurants.

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