McDonald's customer's bizarre drive-thru act divides opinion

An American woman was reprimanded by a McDonald's worker after going through the drive-thru backwards in her car.

But the woman, named Shelby Lee, claimed she had a valid reason - because she has a right-hand drive car.

Unlike in Australia, cars in the US are left-hand drives meaning the steering wheel is on the left, and fast-food outlets are designed to match.

McDonald's customer reversing through drive-thru collecting food
The woman named Shelby has to reverse through fast-food drive-thrus, including McDonald's. Source: TikTok

But unfortunately for Ms Lee, the steering wheel on her 1994 Nissan Skyline — imported from Japan — is on the right-hand side and is opposite to the drive-thru windows.

So the only way she can collect her food without getting out is to reverse through.

But her technique was questioned and even called "dangerous" by one McDonald's staff member. And the interaction caused quite the divide online.

McDonald's worker calls out 'dangerous' act

In a video on TikTok — that’s been viewed more than 1.5 million times — Ms Lee can be seen reversing through the lane with military precision until she slowly reaches the McDonald's window.

"Is there a reason you came this way?" the worker is heard asking Ms Lee, who responds: "My steering wheel is on this side."

But the McDonald's worker argues the technique makes it "dangerous for other cars," although Ms Lee failed to see how.

"I’ll give it to you now," the worker then said but implied if it happened again there'd be a problem.

Users divided over exchange

Posting to TikTok, Ms Lee labelled the worker a "Karen," but many say she had a valid point.

"Was there a reason calling her a ‘Karen’ tho? She has every right to check you and she was actually nice about it," someone wrote.

Others said she was being "polite" and "has common sense," concluding that's not being a "Karen."

Many agreed the worker had no reason to be annoyed, saying Ms Lee did nothing wrong.

"She just needed something to complain about for the day," one person said.

While another said they "wouldn't let her tell me how to drive my car."

Ms Lee argued "it’s actually not illegal" to reverse, and many agreed, although noted police could probably fine you for unsafe driving if they deem it appropriate.

Some said she should just park and walk inside instead which will save her the hassle of reversing.

1994 Nissan Skyline parked at petrol station
The woman has a 1994 Nissan Skyline imported from Japan which is a right-hand drive. Source: TikTok

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