McDonald's fans shocked to discover what's in Sweet 'N Sour sauce: 'No way'

People around the world are discovering what is in McDonald's famous Sweet 'N Sour sauce, and it is blowing minds everywhere.

Macca's has quite a wide array of dipping sauces – from basics such as Ketchup and Barbeque sauce, to more sophisticated flavours like Sweet Mustard and Spicy Mayo.

Still, the classic Sweet 'N Sour sauce remains a firm favourite among fans of the Golden Arches but until now many people had no idea what it's made from.

TikToker Evan-May Gillott; McDonald's chicken nuggets and chips with Ketchup and Sweet 'N Sour sauce
McDonald's fans are only just realising what their favourite Sweet 'N Sour sauce is made of, even though the fast-food giant never kept it a secret. Source: TikTok/Getty

'Secret' ingredient revealed

"Did you know what fruit is in the Sweet 'N Sour?" 27-year-old TikToker Evan-May Gillott asked her viewers in the caption of her now-viral clip.

"Sweet 'N Sour sauce, McDonald's, am I the only one that didn't know what fruit it's made of until today? Have a guess, have a guess," she said before proceeding to reveal the "secret" ingredient after a three-second countdown. "F**king apricot! It's apricot."

The video of the revelation, which was been viewed over 323,000 times within days, surprised many fans who simply did not suspect their favourite dip would be made with the stone fruit.

Macca's fans gobsmacked

Many viewers admitted to thinking the sauce contained pineapple or plum due to its flavour and the sauce's affiliation with Asian cuisine, while thousands of others admitted they had absolutely no clue at all.

"Excuse me?" one viewer responded in shock.

"I'm so dumb, didn't even occur to me sweet and sour was fruit related at all," another replied, and another chimed in, "The worst fruit to exist makes the tastiest sauce."

"It's made from a fruit??????" commented another shocked fan.

"I would like to know why you would shatter my world view like that," wrote someone else.

McDonald's never actually concealed the ingredients of the sauce, it's just that no one has ever really noticed before. In fact, apricot isn't the only fruit that Macca's uses in its Sweet 'N Sour sauce.

In its list of condiments on the McDonald's Australia website, the fast-food giant tells everyone what the Sweet 'N Sour sauce is made of: "apricot or peach blended with spicy flavours including Worcestershire, vinegar, and mustard."

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