World's biggest McDonald's stuns with bizarre menu items

A video that gives viewers a peek into the world's biggest McDonald's has gone viral as viewers marvel at its size and scratch their heads over some of the items on the restaurant's menu.

Blogger and influencer Seema Pankhania shared a video on TikTok to reveal that the 1,765-square-metre Macca's branch truly is like no other.

The restaurant, located in Orlando, Florida, features a spacious layout, a pizza oven, an ice cream bar and even a bakery.

McDonald's pizza, cake and pasta
The world's largest McDonald's restaurant has a bunch of menu items you wouldn't expect to find at your local Macca's. Source: TikTok/@seemagetsbaked

"Looking at the menu, it wasn't actually that different," Ms Pankhania says in the video. "But do you know what it did have? McPizza and McPasta. So obviously I got that."

Taste-testing the menu

The TikToker ordered a pizza with a variety of toppings including pepperoni and chilli, giving her verdict after a bite.

"The base was really doughy and the cheese wasn't too good either," she said. "It tastes like oven pizza. Bog standard oven pizza."

"Also quite funny how they have a literal pizza oven and the pizza still tasted like this," she continued.

The McPasta, unfortunately didn't fare much better, in Ms Pankhania's point of view.

"We got stuffed ravioli with a ragu sauce. Comes with garlic bread," she told viewers. "Tastes identical to those bog standard ravioli you can get at the supermarket."

"Didn't really love it, but not the worst thing I've had. So it's exactly how you expect it to taste," she added.

After tucking in to the pizza and pasta, the TikToker presented another unexpected item on the menu: a sausage biscuit.

"Personally, I found it super, super stodgy. It felt like it was choking me a little bit, so maybe this isn't for me," she said.

More unexpected features

According to Ms Pankhania, the best part of this McDonald's is its gaming arcade.

"It is so sick and the games are so much fun," she commented.

Finally, Ms Pankhania showed her 1.2 million viewers the restaurant's bakery, which offers an assortment of desserts.

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