McDonald's customer's warning after 'gross' find in burger

A McDonald's customer is warning others to "check fast food carefully" amid claims he found an unwanted critter lurking in his burger.

The Melbourne man said he'd ordered two burgers from the Keysborough South store earlier this week and was shocked to discover what appears to be a caterpillar in his meal.

"I wanted to advice [sic] everyone to check your fast food carefully before you eat it from anywhere such as McDonald’s, Hungry Jack’s, KFC etc," he wrote online.

"I got 2 burgers from McDonald’s today and this is what was in one of them."

caterpillar found inside McDonald's burger.
A Melbourne man got quite the surprise when he looked inside his McDonald's burger. Source: Facebook

The Melbourne man shared photos of his shocking find, which clearly show the creature munching on some lettuce in the burger box.

The man complained to the manager at the store but unfortunately, nothing came of it, he claimed.

"She said that it wasn’t her responsibility. I am going to take it further," he continued, telling others to "avoid if possible".

Facebook users who saw the post said they were disgusted by the "gross" discovery.

Many also encouraged him to "go further" with his complaint.

"Yes you should definitely go further," one said.

"Omg looks yuk," another wrote.

McDonald's sign attached to brick wall.
McDonald's said they take food and drink safety very seriously. Source: AAP

McDonald's takes these matters "extremely seriously"

In a statement to Yahoo News Australia, Mcdonald's said they take food and drink safety extremely seriously.

"We are disappointed to hear of the customer’s experience," the statement said.

"Our employees follow strict cleaning, sanitisation, quality control and hygiene procedures to ensure our food and our restaurants remain safe for our staff and customers.

"We will look into this incident and follow up with the customer."

The find comes just weeks after another McDonald's customer opened the box of her Big Mac to see two googley eyes staring right back at her.

Another received her Uber Eats order only to find a live cockroach crawling over the fries inside her McDonald’s Happy Meal box.

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