'Biggest ever' great white shark stalks fishing boat: 'He's chasing us!'

A group out on a boat off the coast of South Australia had an incredible encounter with a massive great white shark.

The footage was shared by Shark Watch South Australia, who wrote that the shark was "possibly one of the biggest ever Great White’s we have ever seen" and confirmed that the encounter happened about 20km from Ardrossan.

In the video, a man can be heard telling others on the boat to get their lines up "quietly" as the shark is seen circling the boat.

A woman is also heard in the video, desperately asking for the others to start the engine up and get out of there.

Pictured is the great white shark stalking the boat in south Australia
A massive great white was spotted off the coast of South Australia. Source: Bannotz via Shark Watch South Australia

As the crew starts the motor, the great white surges toward the boat — it's fin cutting through the water's surface.

"He's chasing us, he's chasing us," one man says as the woman grows increasingly distressed.

Luckily the shark eventually turns around and away from the boat.

The New Shark Watch South Australia, which is affiliated with Shark Watch South Australia, shared a muted version of the video.

"How it should be, as you never hear them gracefully investigating your presence just below the surface," The New Shark Watch South Australia, adding that the footage was not captured recently.

"Their wide stretching pectoral fins and towering dorsal fins are an eyesore. Their girth, awesome."

Many people in the comments of the video with audio defended the woman in distress, saying her reaction to the shark was warranted and valid.

"Poor girl. I would be somewhere between terrified and in awe," one person said.

"I appreciate the amount of swearing in this video, the panicked voice really adds to the viewing experience," another person said.

There's been quite a few sightings of massive sharks in recent weeks.

One photographer managed to capture a great white in Queensland as surfers were completely oblivious and one fishermen caught a few shark heads this week, suggesting something bigger was hungry and about in the ocean.

It comes after British man Simon Nellist was fatally attacked by what's believed to be a great white shark off a Sydney beach last week.

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