Fisherman reels in three sharks ALL bitten in half by 'big unit'

A fisherman on the NSW south coast reeled in several sharks on Wednesday that were mauled by something much larger.

Jason Moyce, a second generation professional fisherman from Bermagui, shared pictures to his Facebook page, Trapman Bermagui, of his catches for the day.

However, all three were not quite what he wanted.

Earlier in the morning, Mr Moyce snagged two hammerhead sharks, but it turned out just the heads were attached to the hooks.

"Plenty of smooth hammerhead sharks around. But getting a whole one to the boat is a challenge," he said on Facebook when sharing a picture of the head of the second shark.

Sharks off the NSW south coast were clearly attacked by a much bigger predator. Source: Facebook Trapman Bermagui
Sharks off the NSW south coast were attacked by much bigger predators. Source: Facebook/Trapman Bermagui

Later in the day, he caught the head of a copper shark and had to call it a day.

"Even the bronzies aren't safe today," he said.

"No more shark fishing for us. Too many big units around. Back to trapping."

Mr Moyce told he has a quota to catch smaller sharks but there were too many big ones out on Wednesday.

He said he believed there were tiger sharks about in the water, but said he could not see them.

Mr Moyce said he had seen several instances like this in the past few years and that tiger sharks or great whites were usually responsible.

In the comments, someone from Western Australia said tiger sharks are usually responsible for "doing the damage" over there, picking on smaller sharks for an easy feed.

Over the weekend, a teenager from Sydney's north shore reeled in a 2.8 metre bull shark, which weighed 130kg.

Addison Hodge, 15, spent 45 minutes trying to haul the shark in while fishing on Middle Harbour, just north of Sydney's CBD.

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