Nail-biting video shows shark lurking below unsuspecting surfers: 'So close'

A photographer from Queensland has shared incredible aerial footage showing a couple of surfers in the water, completely oblivious to the shark lurking beneath them.

The vision from a drone flying above the ocean was captured at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast on Friday and shows the shark swimming just metres from surfers.

Isabella, the photographer who captured the heart-stopping scenes, told Yahoo News Australia she spotted the shark while filming but was not able to warn unsuspecting swimmers or surfers.

The shark, circled in red, approaches surfers in the waters at Burleigh Heads beach.
The surfers were unaware of the shark lurking in the water beneath them. Source: Instagram

"I wasn’t [in the water] but I did go in afterwards. I knew a few people in the water but none of them saw the shark," she said.

"I was sitting on the rocks at the headland filming with the drone when I spotted it, so I followed it for a while.

"I’m not 100% sure [what it was] but I think it’s a grey nurse shark."

Social media responds to 'cool' shark footage

According to the Victorian Fisheries Authority, grey nurse sharks are "not generally dangerous to humans" despite their large size.

Although they "will bite defensively" if bothered by surfers "who assume they're docile."

Isabella, who's a "passionate beach landscape photographer" said locals don't see "too many sharks" at Burleigh Heads beach but warns "they are around."

People who saw the footage on her Instagram page were pretty impressed but admitted they'd be "terrified" if it had been them in the water.

"Ooooo this is cool!! But that would terrify me at the same time," one said.

The shark seen under the water at Burleigh Heads Beach
The photographer who captured the footage suspects it could have been a grey nurse shark. Source: Instagram

"Damn that’s so cool! And so close! Haha," wrote another.

One commenter, who appears to be from the area, said there's been "one or two" sharks "hanging around" over the past few weeks.

Diver's incredible reaction after shark races up to her

This comes as a brave diver shared her incredible interaction with an 'unpredictable' shark after it swam at her with extraordinary speed, preparing to 'snap [its] mouth open'.

Andriana Fragola, who goes by Andriana Marine on TikTok and Instagram, is a shark safety diver and also a marine biologist who shares jaw-dropping videos online.

The shark comes at the diver with incredible speed but she's able to push it away
The shark comes at the diver with incredible speed but she's able to push it away. Source: Instagram

In a recent clip shared with her 25,000 followers, Ms Fragola is seen diving in the deep water off Hawaii surrounded by a company of sharks with one racing towards her in a vertical motion.

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