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Insane video reveals what to do when face-to-face with a shark

A marine biologist has shared incredible vision of the moment she is approached by a huge tiger shark, leading to an explainer video on how to react if you’re ever caught in a similar situation.

Andriana Fragola, who goes by Andriana Marine on TikTok and Instagram, is also a shark safety diver in Hawaii with One Ocean Diving.

Ms Fragola has been studying and researching sharks for years, and regularly uploads jaw-dropping videos of her encounters with sharks, whales and dolphins on her social media accounts.

Marine biologist, shark diver and conservationist Andriana Fragola smiles for a photo on the left, and takes a selfie in a sea cave on the right.
Marine biologist, shark diver and conservationist Andriana Fragola has shared a jaw-dropping video of an encounter with a tiger shark. Source: Instagram/Andriana_Marine

In her most popular TikTok video to date, Ms Fragola shares with her 230,000 followers how to behave if you find yourself in the company of a shark - in this case, a tiger shark, which is the second most dangerous shark behind the great white.

As she dives in deep blue water off Hawaii, Ms Fragola is surrounded by sharks but one curious creature swims towards her for a closer inspection.

Video shows shark swim right up to diver

The heart-stopping footage shows the shark swim right up to her, in what would no doubt be the stuff of nightmares for most.

But Ms Fragola remains calm and reaches out her hand to touch the shark on the top of its head.

In captions on the video, she explains how to escape the situation as safely as possible.

Tiger sharkAndriana Fragola is approached by a huge tiger shark while swimming in waters off Hawaii.
As the huge shark approaches, Ms Fragola reaches out her arm to safely redirect it. Source: TikTok/Andriana_Marine

“If you are ever in this rare situation where a tiger shark approaches you, this is what you should do,” she begins.

“As the shark gets closer make sure you maintain eye contact, reach out your hand and lock your elbow.

“Then press your hand flat on the top of the shark’s head and follow through by pushing up and over them.”

In the video, Ms Fragola pushes herself away from the predator, and as it swims past she turns with it to keep it in her gaze.

“Leave your hand along the side of their body to maintain that extra space in case the shark decides to turn back to you again.

“Then after the shark starts to swim away make sure to do a look around and make sure there are no other sharks approaching you.”

The video has been watched a staggering 14.5 million times in one day on TikTok alone.

Many viewers were stunned by how calm Ms Fragola remained, with many confessing they wouldn’t be able to keep their cool if they came face-to-face with a shark.

“Girl… I would’ve died from anxiety before I tried anything else!” one woman wrote.

“I can’t remember all that in that situation, ima be too busy panicking,” another said.

“If this happened in real life to me, I’m telling you right now there’s no way I’d be able to stay calm like that,” another person wrote.

Diver shares what NOT to do when approached by sharks

In another video where she is approached by a different tiger shark on a separate occasion, Ms Fragola explains the worst thing a diver or swimmer could do.

“Tiger sharks tend to be very shy but occasionally will approach you with this type of confidence. When that happens it is better to be prepared and know how to react.

“Swimming away is the worst possible thing you could do and if you try and extend your fins to block, the tiger will likely plow right through them.

Andriana Fragola explains how to keep your distance from a huge tiger shark
Ms Fragola explains how to keep your distance from the shark, while still keeping aware of your surroundings. Source: TikTok/Andriana_Marine

“Locking your elbow and firmly placing down on the top of their head while manoeuvring your body over them is the best and safest way to handle this type of situation.”

Ms Fragola explains the move should only be done if you have experience with sharks, or if you’re left with no other option.

In her workplace bio, Ms Fragola writes that she has a “deep passion” for sharks and finds them “endlessly fascinating”.

“I love how we are able to get people connected with these animals and actually give them the experience to swim alongside them and learn about their behaviours and biology.

"I also adore the sharks as the great mentors that they are. Always learning and experiencing new things when you work with sharks!”

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