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Monster croc caught three months after eating teenager

A 680kg killer crocodile has been caught three months after eating a teenager in Indonesia.

The beast pounced on 17-year-old Mahmoud while he was fishing in Bangka Belitung Islands on July 23.

Locals recovered the boy's body and it was covered in bite marks and missing two limbs. However, the deadly saltwater croc escaped.

Terrified locals had to flee the monster at least twice when it tried to attack their boats despite them setting traps with meat and snares.

However, the five-metre-long croc was finally caught on October 27 after taking the bait in the traps.

Footage shows several men struggling to carry the enormous crocodile from an estuary opening and back onto the shore.

Locals said the croc was caught using a long fishing rod and a duck lure. The men in the village quickly tied the reptile while it was busy pulling the bait.

Villagers with the 680kg crocodile after it was caught. Source: Viral Press/Australscope
Villagers with the 680kg crocodile after it was caught. Source: Viral Press/Australscope

They then restrained the animal's legs and tied its body to a long bamboo pole as they dragged it up the riverbanks.

Villagers said that the crocodile, identified through the white spots on its back, was responsible for multiple attacks on villagers on the island.

They paraded the beast around the village later that afternoon and left it overnight. The croc was found dead the next morning.

Sungaiselan Sector Police Chief, Inspector Jean Sinulingga, said the crocodile was supposed to be turned over to the wildlife centre.

"We will investigate how it died and send its body to the wildlife centre so they can handle it properly in the meantime,” he said.


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