'Massive bang': Woman's plea for help after shower cubicle explodes

A woman who woke to a “massive bang” inside her home discovered the source of the late-night spontaneous explosion was her shower screen shattering into thousands of tiny pieces.

Fortunately there was no one showering at the time, the woman from Brisbane shared in a post to a Facebook group on November 10.

“Anyone else had a shower screen spontaneously explode?,” she asked other members of the group.

“(There was) no one in the room at all, just a massive bang at 9pm and glass everywhere.”

She added that after some research, she learned the occurrence was “unusual but not unknown”.

In an appeal for help, she turned to group members for advice on what her next move should be.

The woman's shower shattered into thousands of tiny pieces. Source: Facebook

“But what to do? Would you replace all the bathroom glass in the house?,” she wrote.

“The place is 12 years old, we’ve been here two years.”

Many people shared how similar things had occurred in their homes, with glass tables, screen doors and ovens named as other common household items to have also shattered.

“I work in insurance household claims and this isn’t unusual at all...no less shocking when it happens though,” one person replied in a comment.

Another said the same thing had happened to a section of fencing around her pool.

“I thought it may have been something to do with the heat...it’s been in for five years and been through hot weather before, so who knows,” she wrote.

Several others commented explaining how their shower screens had exploded with no warning.

Images of Perth boy who sustained bloody injuries after his shower shattered in 2017. Source: Supplied

“It happened to me as a 13-year-old as I went to open the shower screen. Luckily I was just home from swimming, so I was still in a costume, but I ended up with stitches in a nasty cut as well as quite a few small scars on my arms, legs, neck and ear,” a lady recalled.

One woman claimed the glass inside her shower had shattered after an Opera singing friend had been rehearsing at her home for a number of hours.

“They said it was something to do with the gap in the glass to the wall and it vibrating for an extended period,” she wrote.

A man was knocked unconscious and severely injured after a shower door shattered while he was in the bathroom during his overseas honeymoon last year.

A young Perth boy was left “screaming and covered in blood” after exploding glass rained over him during a shower in 2017.

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