Mass shooting at party with more than 100 guests kills two people

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A mass shooting at a party has left two people dead and more than 12 injured.

Police were called to a party in Fairfield, in the US state of New Jersey, on Saturday about 11.50pm (local time).

"When troopers arrived, they discovered that a 30-year-old man and 25-year-old woman sustained fatal gunshot wounds, and 12 other adult victims were also shot and were already transported to area hospitals with various injuries," police said.

A house in Fairfield New Jersey is seen after a mass shooting.
Two people were fatally shot during a house party in New Jersey. Source: 6ABC

"At this time, one of the confirmed 12 victims sustained serious injuries and is in critical condition.

"No arrests have been made, and the motive and incident remain under investigation."

More than 100 people were at the party.

John Fuqua, of the anti-violence Life Worth Living organisation, told 6ABC his nephew's friend was “running for his life”.

“He got on the ground, he had to crawl," Mr Fuqua told 6ABC.

"It wasn't a shooting gallery, it wasn't a hunting expedition, it was a party and a few bad apples chose to turn it into something else."

Photos show overturned pop-up party tents, tables and chairs, and debris throughout the home’s yard. A long driveway was still filled with cars late on Sunday morning.

Two cousins who live in the area of the shooting said they heard music from the party until after midnight, then a series of shots — at least 15 of them over a few minutes.

Police gather at the scene of a shooting in Fairfield Township, New Jersey.
Police at the scene of the shooting on Sunday morning in Fairfield. Source: AAP

Joeron Pierce and James Pierce, who live in homes next to each other, said there was chaos after that. Partygoers ran through their yards and asked to come into their houses. 

They said cars ran into one another trying to speed away.

Michael Keene, of Trinity AME Church across the street, told CNN he first thought fireworks were going off but it was gunshots, “nine in succession”.

"If you're going to a party, why do you need to take a gun?" he said.

Fairfield Township Mayor Benjamin Byrd Sr, who was at the scene on Sunday, said New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy offered his support and help.

"Nobody knows when someone's going to come out of the woods with a gun," Mr Byrd said.

He did not have any further details about the shooting.

Officers at the scene of the Fairfield shooting where two people were killed.
Investigators works the scene of a shooting in New Jersey. Source: AAP

Mr Murphy called the shooting "horrific".

"This despicable and cowardly act of gun violence only steels our commitment to ensuring New Jersey leads the nation in passing and enforcing strong and common-sense gun safety laws," Mr Murphy said in a statement.

"No community should ever experience what occurred... in Fairfield."

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