Man takes call revealing $1m lottery win while sitting 'next to boss'

The man said he would pretend it was a normal day at work after the call.

It's fair to say one Aussie has been invigorated for the 'end of year' work push after becoming a millionaire this week, answering the phone to lottery officials while sitting directly beside his boss.

The man from Darwin had not long started his work day on Tuesday when he received a call from an unknown number.

"I thought maybe it was a scam call, so I had it on speaker," he said. "I quickly turned it off... I was sitting next to my boss."

Left, lottery ticket held up beside a woman sitting at a table with a cup of coffee. Right, Australian notes scattered.
The man was told he had become a millionaire from winning the lottery while sitting beside his boss. Source: The Lott & Getty

The man is one of three division one winning entries for the Monday & Wednesday Lotto which was drawn on Monday evening, and is now "stoked" to have a seven-figure bank balance.

He didn't confirm whether he would be continuing his employment, however, Yahoo News Australia understands he planned to have a day like normal after receiving the life-changing call.

"It might be hard to concentrate today," he admitted.

Aussie inspired by his dad to pick 'lucky' numbers

The man confessed his dad was the one who got him involved in the lottery and he had long locked in his "lucky" numbers before he hit the jackpot.

"I marked these lottery numbers a long time ago and I’ve played the same ticket over and over," he said.

He shared he now intends to invest in property and make a few splurges — which will include a lavish holiday and a brand new car.

"I’ll have to enjoy a celebratory drink," he added.

The other two division one winning entries were from South Australia and New South Wales, with Monday & Wednesday Lotto creating 87 millionaires across the country this year so far.

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