Wife's fury leads to husband doubling $1M Lotto win

The husband has well and truly made amends for a mistake he made last week.

A NSW husband has left the doghouse in emphatic style after he managed to double his and his wife's life-changing lottery winnings.

Scooping a cool $2 million, the Wollongong man landed not one but two Division One prizes on the Monday and Wednesday Lotto after he bought two tickets when he upset his wife the week earlier.

“It’s actually a funny story as to why we ended up with the same entry twice,” he explained to The Lott on Tuesday.

“I forgot to put my wife’s numbers on last week, and she wasn’t too happy with me. So, this week I thought I’d put them on twice to make up for it."

Two Monday and Wednesday Lotto tickets in front of lottery balls and Australian cash.
The man is among a select few who has won Division One twice on the same lotto draw. Source: The Lott - Getty

He explained how his wife ticked off the numbers unaware they had two of the same winning ticket.

“My wife has played these numbers for almost three decades and has always said they’d be drawn one day. I can’t believe this has happened to us," he said.

The Monday and Wednesday Lotto allows for four tickets to win $1 million each if they match all the numbers before the Division One jackpot is shared.

The husband said he plans to look after his family by buying his daughter a home and setting up his grandchildren for the future.

He also fancies a trip around Australia to see all the places they've yet to visit. "I'm blown away. This is incredible," he said.

The winning numbers for the March 13 draw were 29, 44, 4, 18, 35 and 45, while the supplementary numbers were 10 and 32.

Winning big twice on the same draw 'pretty extraordinary'

Sitting down with Yahoo News Australia last year, The Lott's Matt Hart said it is "pretty extraordinary" for someone to scoop Division One more than once, but it had happened.

"I'll always remember there was a Victorian couple and they won Set For Life twice in the one draw," he recalled.

"So this was a lady for their wedding anniversary bought two identical Set For Life tickets and she had one and gave one to her husband and they both won $4.8 million.. I'm not sure what you do with other anniversaries to match that but essentially they received $20,000 a month for 20 years, both of them."

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