Man wins $1.8m Lotto after setting up account due to 'gut feeling'

The Melbourne man won big on just his third ever Lotto ticket.

Those sceptical of superstition will have a hard time accepting a man's $1.8 million Lotto win after he only set up an account when "a gut feeling" told him to do so last week.

The Melbourne man in his 20s has revealed it was his instincts telling him to buy a ticket for the Saturday Lotto draw.

Having not played the lottery before, he scored big on just his third lottery ticket after landing a $1,845,890.33 share of the Division One prize.

“My guts were telling me last week that I was going to win something. I don’t know why," he told The Lott.

The winner said it was just his third lottery ticket he has purchased. Source: The Lott
The winner said it was just his third lottery ticket he has purchased. Source: The Lott

“So I set up an online account and bought three lottery tickets. This win was on the third lottery ticket I bought. On Saturday night after the draw, I checked my ticket. I couldn’t believe it."

The Noble Park winner said nobody would believe him when he revealed the life-changing win, including his wife.

“I’ve just been walking around thinking, ‘is this really happening?'" he said.

"I’m in my 20s, so this is a great start in life. I’m going to invest. I want to buy a house and help mum — that’s all I want to do “In future, I’m always going to go with my gut!”

Saturday Lotto winning numbers

The winning numbers for the March 11 draw were 9, 4, 42, 10, 29 and 1, while the supplementary numbers were 17 and 7.

The Division One jackpot was shared with a female winner in South Brisbane and a male winner in Newcastle.

Over the weekend it was revealed the sole Division One winner of March 2's Powerball draw had forgotten he'd purchased a ticket for the draw, before unearthing it in his pocket a week later. He scored a cool $40 million.

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