Newsagent 'Mr Lucky' reveals favourite numbers after selling 63rd division one jackpot

Phong Thai's newsagent averages over three division one winning lottery tickets every year.

Newsagent Phong Thai has long been dubbed "Mr Lucky" thanks to his shop's lottery winning streak — which shows no signs of slowing down — and he has revealed what he believes is his secret to success.

"I am true to my customers, I sell tickets and I print them out with my heart," he told Yahoo News Australia on Monday while celebrating his 63rd division one lottery win. "My heart and soul is on the ticket, so I think God blesses me and my shop and my customers."

Left, Mr Lucky Phong Thai smiles and with a thumbs up after the recent win. Right, a closeup of colourful lottery balls.
Newsagent Phong Thai has been dubbed 'Mr Lucky' by locals after selling 63 division one winning lottery tickets. Source: Facebook & The Lott

His shop Melton Lotto & TSG — situated on the outskirts of Melbourne — has been operating for 20 years, meaning it has averaged over three lottery wins every year. The latest division one winning ticket for Saturday's TattsLotto draw was worth a base of $653,226.42 and because the winner held a System 9 entry, it boosted her prize to a whopping $666,446.97. The win comes only weeks after the newsagent sold another division one winning Lotto ticket worth $1.7 million.

Mr Lucky reveals lucky numbers of his own

Thai admits he hasn't been able to spot any patterns in the division one winning Lotto tickets he has sold over the years but does keep an eye out for his own lucky numbers.

“My lucky numbers are 8, 4 and 2 ... good things come to me on those days, it’s always been the case for me," he confessed.

And interestingly, the Melton mum who purchased the winning ticket from Thai also had a good feeling about the number eight too.

'Loyal and regular' customer has the same lucky number as newsagent

The newsagent described the Melton mum who won $660,000 this week as a "loyal and regular" customer and was thrilled she won big given her consistent custom. However, she credits her winnings to Thai and his charm.

"It’s the only news agency I buy my tickets from, and I’ve always said he will give me the winning ticket. He’s so nice — a very special person," she said about Mr Lucky. "And you wouldn’t believe it. My lucky number is number eight, and every time the number eight comes up I know I’ve got a chance."

The outside of the newsagent can be seen with Lotto promo posters outside.
Melton Lotto & TSG previously sold a $1.7 million lottery ticket in September. Source: Google Maps

With the Melton mum holding one of eight division one entries and her winning numbers drawn on November 18, it appears the appeal to number eight has proven lucky for both.

The winning numbers from Saturday's TattsLotto were 8, 7, 26, 31, 16 and 15, while the supplementary numbers were 44 and 6.

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