Aussie dad retires 'straight away' after $2.5m Lotto win

The Victorian man is looking forward to a life of leisure after sharing in last Saturday's $20m TattsLotto prize.

A Victorian man is gleefully kissing his working life goodbye after winning $2.5 million in last weekend's TattsLotto.

The dad from Broadford, 90km north of Melbourne, confessed he didn't know whether to "laugh or cry" but was sure he would be retiring "straight away" when he learned he was one of the eight division one winning entries in TattsLotto's $20m draw.

Left, a stash of Australian money. Right, a person can be seen filling out a lottery ticket for TattsLotto.
The Aussie dad won $2.5 million in last Saturday's TattsLotto draw. Source: Getty

He purchased the winning ticket from his local news agency before Saturday's draw but was unaware of his newfound fortune until he checked his ticket himself, with his winning entry unregistered meaning lottery officials had no way of contacting him until he came forward.

'Have to be in it to win it'

Other than retirement, the Aussie plans to remain grounded and prioritise his children when he was asked how he would spend the prize money.

"I’ll also pay off my kid’s mortgages. It’s tough out there at the moment and I can’t wait to be able to help them get ahead and prepare for the future ... I’ve got no doubt this win is going to do some amazing things for a lot of people," he told lottery officials.

“We play most weeks and I’ve always gone with the philosophy that you have to be in it to win it ... You never really expect it to happen though," he said, calling his win "unbelievable".

The winning numbers in Saturday's TattsLotto draw 4395 were 9, 37, 32, 41, 40 and 16, while the supplementary numbers were 26 and 30. Across the country there were eight winning entries, three each in Victoria and New South Wales, and one each in Queensland and Western Australia.

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