Man stunned by disastrous discovery in kitchen pantry: 'Worst I've ever seen'

Many would've encountered an ant problem at one point or another throughout their lives, though few are likely to have experienced one quite like this.

Masses of black ants are seen covering the interior an Australian man's pantry.
An Aussie has incited horror online after showing the ant infestation he detected in his pantry. Source: TikTok

Aussies have reacted in horror after a man revealed the extent of an ant infestation he recently detected in his home, with stomach-churning footage showing the pests completely overwhelm the groceries he had stored in his pantry.

The Australian man posted a video online earlier this week saying he'd tried using pesticide to deter what started as a small colony of ants from spreading further throughout his cupboard, but it appeared to have the opposite effect. The "jaw-dropping" vision quickly revealed the scale of infestation.

"Rent's due peas-ants, COUGH UP," he joked in the video caption. Though, while amusing, the man's clever pun is where the fun stops, with footage panning to another shelf, showing tens of thousands of ants covering the interior, so thick and dense they could at first glance even be mistaken for black mould.

Masses of black ants are seen covering the interior an Australian man's pantry.
The man said he tried using pesticide, but that merely drove the critters further into the depths of his pantry. Source: TikTok

"So there's my little dots of Ant-Rid that I put down last night," the man begins in the video, pointing to the splashes of pesticide.

"[After returning the next day] I said 'oh, they're gone, they're gone'," he continued, showing the lower level of the pantry relatively ant-free. The man lifts the camera to the above shelf, and says "no they just went to the f***king penthouse."

Tens of thousands of people responded, many were in disbelief. "I gasped when I saw the penthouse," a woman said. "My eyes nearly popped out of my head," another said.

"I was not expecting that!" wrote a third. Others said they were "convinced ants had become immune to Ant-Rid over the years" and that for some, it was "the most I have ever seen in a pantry ever". "May need to get pest control in," a woman suggested.

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, Warren Bailey from ABC Pest Control said ant infestations in the home are self-treatable under certain circumstances, depending on the density of the colony.

"If you use a good quality ant gel they'll take it back to the nest and wipe the nest out," he earlier said.

Though Bailey also recommended that sometimes it is necessary to bring in pest control experts, as a store-bought gel might not be enough to wipe the entire nest out.

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