Aldi shopper's outrageous find in canned pineapple: 'I could have cried'

The customer was appalled when she peeled back the lid to reveal a creamy, mouldy substance.

Left: An Aldi sign, and right, the opened tin showing creamy and mouldy sliced pineapple. Source: Getty Images & Facebook
The Aldi customer was shocked when she opened the can. Source: Getty Images & Facebook

A woman was left horrified after peeling open a can of Aldi's Sweet Valley pineapple slices in juice only to discover they’d gone mouldy despite being well within their expiry date. The Aussie mum of three said she and her daughter were devastated by what they found in the tin.

“[I] bought these like a month ago [and] had [them] in the pantry,” she wrote online. “But opened these tonight and I could have cried.”

In an image of the offending fruit, the pineapple appears to be covered in a creamy substance.

“My daughter actually really wanted them and I love them too as a treat after dinner, and found them like this!” the woman explained. “[The] expiry date [is] not until 26 October, 2025. Love ALDI, never really had an issue [before].”

After sharing the image on Facebook, the mum received more than 200 comments from alarmed users. “That’s insane!” one person wrote. “OMG, I didn’t know that was possible,” another said. “Ewww they look creamy.”

While others questioned how the pineapple would have got mouldy. “[The] lid [was] not sealed properly, or it had been dropped and the seal had popped just enough for air to get in,” someone suggested. “I had the same issue with tinned tomatoes from Coles.”

The pineapples covered in mould (left) and the expiry date on the bottom of the can (right)..
The pineapples were covered in mould despite being in date. Source: Facebook

“I’ve had my balsamic vinegar go mouldy in the cupboard barely open a week,” another added. “I think it’s everywhere.”

Others pointed out that the incident wasn’t Aldi’s fault. “I worked for IGA’s head office and we saw a lot of claims like this come through from shop owners whose customers have bought the cans back to them!” they wrote. “It’s actually very common and a manufacturer issue not Aldi’s”.

When contacted by Yahoo News Australia, Aldi responded that they encourage customers to give them feedback directly via their help centre, so they can investigate allegations.

Yahoo News was told that customers can return any product they are not satisfied with for a full refund or replacement. Yahoo also reached out to the supplier Sweet Valley, but hadn't heard back at the time of publication.

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