Man not allowed to use reusable bag at Woolworths 'because of rival logo'

Woolworths customers continue to vent their frustration over the plastic-bag ban with one woman claiming her father was not allowed to use reusable bags from another store.

The supermarket removed all single-use lightweight plastic bags from its shelves earlier this month and replaced them with 15c reusable bags.

The reusable bags are also being offered for free up until July 8 in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. 

But one woman claims her father went to Woolworths in NSW on Saturday and was told he could not use them for his groceries “because they were branded with a competitor logo”. 

A woman claims Woolworths informed her father he couldn’t use reusable bags from a rival supermarket. File pic. Source: Getty Images

The woman wrote on Woolworths’ Facebook page a staff member then told her father to buy Woolworths-branded bags without mentioning the complimentary ones.

She claims her father bought five more Woolworths bags “so not to inconvenience any other queued customer”.

“To also tell a customer that you’re unable to pack one item in with another when they’ve said they are OK with it and force them to buy yet another bag for one single item is beyond ridiculous,” she wrote.  

“We won’t be shopping at any Woolies any more, we’ll go back to Coles and Aldi where they don’t care whose bag you use as long as you bring it with you.”

Woolworths said customers are welcome to bring in any bags they like as long as they are clean. Source: Getty Images, file

An online shopper wrote she was left disappointed after she claims she was not given the option of using her own bags on picking up an online order from the supermarket.

“Instead I was told every time I do an online pick up I would be provided with Woolworths reusable bags,” she wrote.

“I don’t want to use these plastic bags – even if reusable. Do you know how many Woolworths reusable bags I will accumulate with my weekly shop? Heaps!”

Another woman claims staff at the checkout informed her the reusable bag she brought in was too dirty and had a hole in it.

“Was told that she would fill my bag this time but in future they will refuse to use it,” she wrote.

The woman checked the bag at home and claims it had a “tiny hole” and a bit of a fingernail in it. 

“The bag still worked so why not use it?” she wrote.

A Woolworths spokesperson said in a statement to Yahoo7, customers were “welcome to bring in any bags they like when they shop at Woolworths, so long as they’re clean and hygienic for our team to handle”.