'You fool': Man makes horrific discovery inside fish

A man has made a disturbing discovery after opening up a fish’s insides, highlighting a growing environmental problem. However an absent-minded moment in the video had people accusing him of contributing to the issue.

The video shared by Lancelot Media shows a man emptying the contents of a fish’s stomach.

“The invasion of plastic alters the fishing and ecosystems of the Canary Islands,” the video’s caption said.

The man shows the camera various types of plastic being taken out of the stomach of the animal. While initially he is holding the plastic waste in his hand, he drops some of the pieces into the water, to show the camera what was collected in the fish’s stomach.

While he does try to scoop up the plastic towards the end of the video, people were upset the man let the plastic back into the ocean in the first place.

“Don’t drop it all back in there you fool,” one person commented on the video.

A video of a man emptying the contents of a fish's stomach has angered people, and not just because of the amount of plastic. Source: Lancelot Medios/Facebook

“Oh yeah put it right back in the water for more fish to eat,” another person said.

“If you are not fixing the problem you are the problem.”

Many people were devastated to see the amount of plastic being pulled out of the fish’s stomach.

“This is what we are doing to our beautiful planet. How sad,” someone commented on the post.

Last year, disturbing footage of plastic pollution on the Canary Islands emerged online. The video went viral and showed tiny pieces of plastic which had washed up on a beach in Tenerife.

The video was filmed by Maria Celma, the founder of an ocean clean up group Océano Limpio Tenerife, according to El Pais.

“Hopefully more people will see it and feel the same and be more aware of the problem,” Ms Celma told El Pais.

Every year, eight million tonnes of plastic are dumped into the ocean, which is then swallowed by marine animals, according to Australian Marine Conservation Society.

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