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Man in Aussie flag underwear lauded for cheeky roadside act

The Gold Coast man was thanked by many people for stripping down to warn them of a speed camera.

A roadside 'legend' wearing only his Australian flag underwear has been applauded for warning locals of a speed camera.

Doing what he considers to be "creating community awareness", the Gold Coast man held up a homemade sign saying 'speed camera' on Alexander Drive in Nerang, near William Duncan Primary School.

"Not all heroes wear capes," one person said on the Nerang Community Group Facebook post, as people praised the man's "true Aussie spirit". "Some wear underwear!" another added.

Two photos of the Gold Coast man in Aussie flag underwear holding up a 'speed camera' sign on Alexander Dr in Nerang.
A Gold Coast man wearing only underwear held up a sign warning people of a speed camera on a busy Nerang road. Facebook/Nerang Community Group

"Thanks for the belly laugh," someone else said. "Now this is what I call community spirit!" a third person said, to which the man jokingly replied with "just doing God's work".

Though he claimed to have educated 400 people with his sign, not everyone thought he was in the right.

"If drivers are speeding they deserve to be booked," one person commented. "I don’t believe in warning people of a speed camera."

"Just don't speed, easy solution," another piped in.

Teen's roadside act praised by drivers

Similarly, 17-year-old Beau was warning drivers last year on the NSW Central Coast with a makeshift sign, minus the Australian underwear.

"I want to help people because times are tough and I think it's unfair what's happening," he told his father, A Current Affair reports.

But Beau does not sympathise with those blatantly breaching the speed limit and says he would not warn motorists near schools or other areas of increased danger. Yet he believes it's "unfair" for cameras to be placed at places such as the bottom of a hill and where speed limits drastically change suddenly.

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