Aussie state rolls out new 'ghost' speed cameras in school zones

'Hefty' fines will be issued to motorists who don't comply.

Speed cameras hidden inside bright school zone signs have been activated in Queensland this morning as the new academic year begins.

With thousands of students heading back to the classroom, the state government has switched on cameras which were previously dormant and have selected areas that are at "high risk" of speeding in an attempt to reduce the number of offences within school zones.

The decision was made to protect "vulnerable" children, parents, teachers and staff during pick-up and drop-off which are notoriously chaotic times in and around schools. Most school zones in Queensland operate between 7-9 am and 2-4pm during weekdays when students are starting and finishing their school day.

Speed camera inside school zone sign and traffic.
The state government is cracking down on speeding motorists with speed cameras being switched on inside school zone signs. Source: Facebook / Transport and Main Road Queensland and Getty.

The speed cameras will also be moved on a regular basis, forcing driver's to travel at a safe speed at all times or cop a fine.

Queensland Transport Minister Mark Bailey said the penalties for speeding in these zones will be "hefty" and "painful", highlighting how seriously the state government is taking speeding offences.

“I don’t want to see someone’s child badly injured or killed on their way to school just because of the recklessness of a speeding driver," Mr Bailey said.

Speeding in Queensland

Research conducted by the state government revealed that 50 per cent of Queenslanders admitted to speeding on more than half of their car journeys.

With speeding infringements on the rise, the state government has turned to evidence that speed cameras continue to be the best method of detecting and deterring driver's from speeding.

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