Man hits spider with dart in amazing shot, but people are outraged

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

A man has divided opinion after he was caught on camera impaling a giant spider with a dart.

Footage uploaded to Twitter on January 9 shows the man launch a dart at a wall inside a home.

The dart strikes the spider, pinning it to the wall as it struggles to free itself.

The jubilant thrower then shouts: “Who’s the man?” as the man filming begins to laugh.

The man sizes up the spider before unleashing the dart, which penetrates its body. Source: Twitter/ @call854

A woman in the room then declares: “That’s cruel.”

And dozens more agreed with her as they took to the post to share their disgust over the man’s actions.

“There’s a difference between killing a spider and torturing a spider,” one woman said.

The dart thrower can be seen celebrating his shot. Source: Twitter/ @Call854

“Wow that’s disgusting,” another proclaimed.

Yet others were more concerned with the man’s darts skills, taken aback by the man’s accuracy.

“Damn that’s good aim!,” one user wrote.

“All heroes don’t wear capes..God bless this man,” another declared.

The location where the footage was filmed is unknown, however the man who threw the dart speaks in the clip with a broad Scottish accent.

The clip has been liked 18,000 times and has nearly 7000 retweets.