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Man fumes over Australia Post worker’s ‘lazy act'

An Australia Post customer has taken to social media to vent about the alleged actions of a postie who took an unusual shortcut when delivering their mail.

Instead of depositing it in the letter box, the worker simply put the letters under the windscreen wiper of a car parked at the residence, according to a complaint on Tuesday in a Facebook group dedicated to the misdeeds of Australia Post.

The problem, however, is the ensuing weather left the mail a little soggier than desirable.

Not the best effort. Source: Facebook/AusPost Complaints
Not the best effort. Source: Facebook/AusPost Complaints

"Can’t help but laugh," they wrote, alongside a laughing emoji.

"Not like there’s no mailbox out the front. Too hard to get off the bike."

Others in the Facebook group also saw the funny side of things.

"Haha I wouldn't even be mad. That's just hilarious," one user said.

"At least he didn't throw them on the ground," another joked.

A number of people described the postie's actions as "lazy" while one social media user suggested they could have been exploiting a delivery loophole.

"Delivery requirements list a clear and safe access to the mailbox on the motorcycle," they said.

There are rules that allow posties to do such unconventional drop-offs. As one woman recently discovered, her mother's driveway was considered “too long” for a delivery to be made to the front door.

The original user later updated the post to say one of the letters wasn't even addressed to his home.

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