Shocking video captures Australia Post 'attempted delivery' fail

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A frustrated resident has shared an Australia Post delivery “fail” after capturing the mind-boggling moment on security camera.

The footage, captured just after noon on Wednesday, shows a delivery man walking down the driveway and pausing briefly at a gate, before turning around and walking back up the driveway.

Despite carrying a parcel in his arms, there is no attempt to knock or make any contact with the resident.

Already on his walk down the driveway he can be seen pulling a piece of paper from a bumbag around his waist - presumably a “sorry we missed you” card.

The Australia Post delivery man seen walking down the driveway.
The Australia Post delivery man was seen walking down the driveway, stopping at a gate and turning around. Source: Reddit

The video was uploaded to Reddit and sparked hundreds of comments from irritated viewers, many sharing similar experiences.

“Aust Post at their finest,” one person wrote. “At least he got out of the vehicle and walked to the gate.”

“I watched one pull up with the already filled in card in his hand, jump out, and put it straight in the letterbox.”

Another said: “Seen and caught them doing this too! S***s me”.

“I'm pretty sure the guy around here pre-fills half of the cards before he starts driving,” one Reddit user added.

Australia Post says sometimes staff have ‘reason not to knock’

An Australia Post spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia their staff were making more deliveries than ever and sometimes have a reason not to knock.

“Our people have been working harder than ever to deliver record volumes of parcels and our posties and drivers are instructed to knock at the door three times and call out before leaving a card or safe-dropping a parcel,” the spokesperson said.

“Sometimes our people will leave a card without knocking because of access or safety issues – such as an off-leash dog – and this could happen even when a customer is home.

“For any delivery service concerns, we encourage customers to contact us on 13 POST so that we can provide help and support.”

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