Man dies of cancer on the night of his wedding

Michelle White and Scott Plumley got engaged last July and up until two weeks ago had been planning their wedding without any rush.

But earlier this month the couple from Bristol, in the UK, were given some heartbreaking news.

“Scott was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer on Monday 13th August 2018 he was given very limited time to live and all they could do was make him comfortable,” a fundraising page said. 

Two days later the couple tied the knot.

And sadly 32-year-old Michelle, now known as Mrs Plumley, was able to call Scott, 41, her husband for only 13 hours, Bristol Live reports.

The couple were married on Wednesday and by the early hours of Thursday morning Scott had passed away. Source: gofundme

The first sign something was wrong began in late July, when Mr Plumley had complained of indigestion. Following a trip to the doctor he was prescribed some medication to treat stomach ulcers.

But one night when the 32-year-old came home from work she found her then fiancé in agony and slumped on the floor.

The 41-year-old was admitted to hospital on a Thursday, and by Saturday August 11 doctors suspected he was suffering from something worse than a stomach ulcer following an endoscopy, Bristol Live reports.

On Monday they were told he had stage four cancer of the oesophagus which had already spread to his liver.

The following Wednesday they were married and by the early hours of Thursday Mrs Plumley was a widow.

On Thursday morning she shared the sad news on Facebook: “He passed away a happy wedded man, I’m going to miss him so much, we only had 2 short years together but they have been the best with so many happy memories, you can r.i.p now my kind gentle funny caring husband.”

While there was less than a day to arrange the wedding, it is reported that many family members joined them from around the country.

Mrs Plumley told Bristol Live, “After an hour or so in the chair, you could tell it was getting too much (for Scott) – we’ve got a good 200 wedding photos!

“So he went back to bed for some sleep, and we all went to the Air Balloon pub for the wedding reception.”

The 32-year-old said she and family returned later and they had a great time by his bedside and he smiled throughout the evening.

Mrs Plumley and Scott’s family are now trying to raise money for the unexpected funeral and say they hope to give him the send off that he deserves.