Husband reveals disturbing details about 'black widow' murderer wife

A man has revealed disturbing details about his “black widow” wife who was jailed for her role in the murder of a Gold Coast businessman.

Queensland woman Melissa Shaw met her future husband Beau at a church youth group.

Mr Shaw told the Sunday Night program that they started a whirlwind romance and were married within a few months.

But what Mr Shaw didn’t know was his wife was actually a prostitute working under the name Savannah. He discovered this on day two of their honeymoon.

He soon discovered his new wife was manipulative and would use sex as a bargaining tool to get what she wanted including cosmetic surgery which Mr Shaw paid $25,000 for.

Pictured are Melissa Shaw with ex-husband Beau. Beau left Melissa who was later involved in the murder of Gold Coast businessman Sam Dhody in 2013.
Melissa and Beau Shaw. The pair met at a youth church group on the Gold Coast. Source: Sunday Night

“She totally messed with every part of me,” Mr Shaw told Sunday Night.

“I was a broken shell. I started off with this idea that I would help her fix her little broken wing, and I ended up far more broken than I ever thought possible.”

Eventually, Mr Shaw left his wife and took their two daughters.

Melissa was sleeping with bodybuilder Adam Gooley who she had earlier enlisted to train Mr Shaw.

But at the same time she was living with businessman Sam Dhody.

In July 2013, Mr Dhody was shot 10 times by Gooley in the head as he slept in his Gold Coast Coast home.

Sam Dhody is pictured. Mr Dhody was murdered in his Gold Coast home in 2013 by Adam Gooley. The court later found Gooley had been convinced by Melissa Shaw to kill Mr Dhody.
Gold Coast businessman Sam Dhody who was murdered in 2013. Source: Queensland Police

It was found in court in 2016, Melissa had persuaded Gooley to carry out the act.

She and Gooley are currently serving life in prison.

Major Crime Detective John Keane described Melissa and another “black widow” profiled on the show, Michelle Burgess as women who “devour men”.

“[They have] sex with anybody, then kill 'em afterwards,” he told Sunday Night.

Burgess, from Adelaide, began a relationship with her husband’s boss Kevin Matthews in 2001.

Melissa Shaw is seen in her underwear. Authorities say she used sex as a way to manipulate men and convinced Adam Gooley to murder Sam Dhody on the Gold Coast in 2013.
Melissa Shaw has been described as a 'black widow' - a woman who manipulates men with sex before destroying them. Source: Sunday Night

Matthews was drawn in by a fantasy - the pair would kill their spouses and live happily ever after.

But Burgess needed help and took on another lover in career hitman David Key.

Key was told by Burgess if he really loved her he would kill Matthews’ wife Carolyn.

Carolyn was killed while her husband took their three sons to the video store.

He returned home knowing his wife had been murdered but sent his three boys aged 12, 13 and 16 in first to find her dead.

Matthews and Burgess are currently serving 30 years’ jail. Key is serving 20 for his role in the murder of Carolyn.

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