MAFS star Jessika's affair slip-up that we all missed

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power almost blew her and Dan Webb’s cover tonight. Photo: Channel Nine

While some contestants have harboured suspicions, the Jessika and Dan affair has managed to remain under wraps so far on Married At First.

But Jess pretty much blew her cover during tonight’s episode in a blink or you’ll miss it moment.

After arriving at the dinner party, the 26-year-old made her way around the room, greeting the other co-stars.

A friendly kiss on the cheek and cuddle was her usual reaction when she met each other MAFS star, but when she got to Dan, it appears her true feelings caught her off-guard.

“Hi, love you,” she told the 35-year-old as she hugged him, before quickly rectifying her slip-up by adding, “Loving the shirt”.

‘Love you,’ she told Dan when hugging him. Photo: Channel Nine

It seems no one in the room noticed what Jess had said, but there were other things later in the night that made Ning a little suspicious.

When the cast sat down for dinner, Mike didn’t let Jess off the hook so lightly in terms of her claims about Ning’s husband Mark saying he wanted to sleep with other women after the show.

But after that eventually settled, it was time for Jess to get to the real business of the night she was interested in, and that was spending more time with Dan.

The pair sneakily slipped out of the room for another pash session outside, during which Dan told Jess it was now or never to come clean about their secret romance at the next commitment ceremony.

Ning was suspicious that something was going on between Jess and Dan. Photo: Channel Nine

But their return to the room wasn’t as flawless an undercover mission as they would’ve hoped for, as Ning caught on to the fact that these two had been doing something together in private.

“Have you been spending time with him outside?” Ning asked Jess.

“No,” Jess responded with a sheepish grin, before turning the whole thing into a joke by asking Dan about it in front of the group.

It may be a joke now, but we’re not sure how many laughs there’ll be when the truth finally comes out.

Married At First Sight continues on Sunday at 7pm on Channel Nine.

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