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Louisa Hope Fund For Nurses

In 2014, Louisa was celebrating Christmas with her mother in the CBD, Sydney, when they decided to have a coffee at the Lindt café at Martin Place – a decision that would change her life.

During the Sydney siege, Louisa was not only shot in the foot but was also used as a human shield. She spent three months at the Prince of Wales Hospital recovering from her wound.

Her wonderful personality and warmth made her a very admired patient and even after all she had been through, Louisa wanted to make a difference to those who treated her every day.

In March 2015, the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation launched the Louisa Hope Fund for Nurses – to help nurses at the hospital have access to ‘seed money’, via a grant process, for any necessary equipment, research and education that nurses deem worthy.

Even after such a traumatic experience, Louisa hasn't lost hope and is determined to give back to those who helped her.

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