'Look after yourself and Daddy': Mother's last letter to son before she died

A Melbourne teenager has read his mother’s final goodbye to him for the first time 18 years after she died from cancer.

Spencer Porter, 19, was just 10 months old when his mother, Emma, died.

“To my darling little boy Spencer, who would have thought I would have such a perfect son?” Emma wrote.

“All the things we did, having you was the best.

Spencer Porter reads a last letter his mother wrote before she died from cancer. Source: 7News

Emma continued: “To my boy Spencer, Mummy loves you so much. Look after yourself and Daddy. Love Mummy.”

Spencer’s mother gave birth to him eight weeks early so doctors could aggressively treat the cancer in her bones.

“He’s four pounds and 44 centimetres long, so he wasn’t much shorter than a full-term baby,” Emma, 25, said at the time of his birth.

After her death, Spencer found her voice on a cassette where Emma recorded a book.

Spencer’s mother Emma died when Spencer was just 10 months old. Source: 7News
A portion of the letter Emma wrote to Spencer. Source: 7News

He has transcribed the book called “My Cancer, My Miracle”, which will be released on Mother’s Day online.

On the tapes, Emma is heard saying: “I’d like to dedicate the book to my son, Spencer.”

Spencer’s father Jonathan said Emma would have been “absolutely beside herself”.

“She’d have absolutely loved the man he [Spencer] is today,” Jonathan said.

The 19-year-old said times had been tough, but he now has a loving stepmother and siblings as well as his father.

“She [Emma] never wanted to harm the baby and that’s why she put things off,” Spencer said.

Emma had Spencer eight weeks early so she could be treated for cancer. Source: 7 News