Little miracles who survived brain surgery leave hospital

Karen O'Sullivan
Little miracles who survived brain surgery leave hospital

Two Melbourne families whose babies had life-saving brain surgery have formed a unique bond.

After a month together at the Monash Medical Centre, the little miracles are heading home following a surprise farewell that their delighted families will never forget.

Jada and Archie were once strangers but are now little soul mates, brought together in unusual circumstances.

Both underwent dangerous and life-saving brain surgery.

"They have a gorgeous little friendship, so we can usually find in the same room or corridor playing with each other," nurse Christine Chelin said.

Doctors discovered a brain tumour after a routine MRI scan when Archie wasn't walking at 18 months. Most children are on their feet at 12 months.

"We discovered a massive cricket ball of a tumour taking over his cerebellum," Archie's mum, Tasha Selby, said.

A cyst was discovered in Jada's brain during pregnancy.

The same surgeon operated on both babies at Monash Children's Hospital, and both families have been there to support each other through their journeys.

"I think it's something pretty special. It's not common that you have two families go through something quite as big as this," Jada's mother, Jess Gillespie, said.

During their time on the ward, Jada and Archie have won hearts of the medical staff.

Just a month after their surgery and remarkable recoveries, today it was time to say goodbye.

Jada and Archie's families had previously been linked by a distant family connection, now after their hospital stays together, they have become lifelong friends.

The parents are already planning their next catch up.

Both children have had drainage tubes inserted to remove excess brain fluid and will need regular visits to the hospital where there will be plenty of familiar faces.