Little-known Woolworths hack securing shoppers more Ooshies

Woolworths customers have been left stunned after nifty shoppers boasted about huge hauls of Ooshies collected through clever use of a lesser-known hack.

One crafty shopper says she received a whopping 44 Ooshies during a single shop costing just $72 – attracting the envy of hundreds after sharing her win to a Facebook group for collectors.

Just one day after the 36 new characters from the Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and Pixar universes entered circulation, the woman said she was already nine away from having a full set.

Woolworths Ooshies and a collector's case nearly completely full.
The Woolworths shopper was just nine away from having a full set on the promotion's second day. Source: Facebook

Responding to shocked Woolworths customers, the woman explained she had paid close attention to the brands she was purchasing, given a select few allow an extra five Ooshies to be collected per item.

Normally, one Ooshie can be earned with every $30 spent in a single transaction at the store.

However, those wanting to maximise their Ooshie-earning potential can do so if they buy items from a specific list of brands.

Brands that earn an extra five Ooshies per item

  • Woolworths Mobile

  • Cold Power

  • Danone

  • Devondale

  • D'Orsogna

  • Energizer

  • Fancy Feast

  • Finish

  • Gillette

  • Huggies

  • McCain

  • Moccona

  • Oral B

  • Pantene

  • Pauls

  • Sorbent

  • Tip Top

  • Uncle Toby’s

  • Vegemite

A Woolworths bag filled with Ooshie collectibles.
A total of 44 Ooshies were earned in a single shop of just $72. Source: Facebook

A host of Woolworths-branded products can also earn the additional five Ooshies, including kid packs of mini apples and pears, one-litre bottles of coconut water and mini bottles of spring water.

But there was some confusion over how many items from each brand could be purchased for the extra five toys.

According to the Woolworths Terms and Conditions, a maximum of five items per brand can be bought per transaction, so a total of 25 extra Ooshies can be earned per brand.

The shopper said she bought five items from several of the bonus brands including Uncle Toby’s, Tip Top, D'Orsogna, Danone, Pauls, Devondale, Fancy Feast and Sorbent.

She isn’t the only one to have success by taking advantage of the bonus brands, with another customer spending $32 and receiving 18 Ooshies, and a third getting 36 on a $240 shop.

Some Facebook group members said they were upset to miss out on bonus Ooshies, which they learned of after completing their regular shop.

Photo shows a haul of Woolworths products that earn more Ooshies.
The customer got an extra five Ooshies on items from Uncle Toby's, Danone and Tip Top. Source: Facebook

“I spent $100-ish yesterday and got four Ooshies. I wish I'd known this,” one person wrote in a comment.

“Holy moly, I spent $100 last night and nobody offered me any and I was so tired that I forgot to ask for any,” another said.

The supermarket announced a full list of the new characters on Sunday, revealing it would have two bins in all stores for people to recycle both the toys and the wrappers.

Previous launches attracted huge criticism from people unhappy about the plastic waste produced and the environmental cost of the product.

Backlash has also plagued the launch of the latest collection, with Woolworths arguing the toys were designed to be kept and treasured for years to come.

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