Woman’s traumatic experience after buying Woolworths pots

A Woolworths shopper has detailed her traumatic experience trying to make pumpkin soup with some of the supermarket’s “basic cooking utensils”.

The woman claimed she injured her “hand and fingers” after touching the bamboo handle on one of her two new sauce pots purchased from the retailer’s Mount Sheridan store in Cairns, Queensland.

In a fiery post to the supermarket’s Facebook page, the woman said she had been making the soup on Sunday when things rapidly took an ugly turn.

“I was making pumpkin soup and wanted to mix butter and olive oil together to glaze pumpkin with, while par-baking it. I popped it in the microwave for one minute, opened the door and butter flew everywhere,” she wrote.

Photo shows a pot with a wooden handle that burnt a Woolworths shopper after she put it in the microwave.
The shopper thought this pot would be safe to use in microwave. Source: Facebook

“As I dropped the pot, the pot has a wooden handle, it was hot as hell - as hot as metal, literally. I burnt my hands and fingers. Thank god the butter had not hit me.”

The woman explained that she tried once again using the pot in the microwave - just for 30 seconds - and tried to save her hands from the heat of the handle by using a tea towel.

“I used a tea towel triple folded, and it was still so hot it burned through three layers of a terry towelling tea towel,” she claimed.

“But even worse, the handle was smoking and turning black. I presume it is combustible. It has black burn marks on the handle, mainly on the underside and on the end where the smoke was issuing from.”

The woman seemed particularly outraged following her experience, asking “who the hell do you contact when you purchase an item from Woolworths as a basic kitchen utensil that could turn out to be highly dangerous when used?”.

Photo shows a microwave with a one minute timing.
The woman left the pot in the microwave for one minute and said she hurt her hand when she took it out. Source: Getty Images

While some sympathised for the woman, others pointed out that usually wooden items and microwaves didn’t mix too well.

Some suggested she could have wet the bamboo handle before putting it in the microwave to prevent it from getting so hot that it burned her.

The woman responded saying that she assumed the pot would survive because she had never encountered problems when using her other small wooden utensils in the microwave.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted the supermarket for comment on the matter.

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