Charming video shows 'happiest man in Melbourne' greeting Woolworths shoppers

Melbornians are doing it tough with stage 4 restrictions and curfews in place as the state battles large coronavirus cases, so one resident decided to show her suburb some love by introducing Facebook to “the happiest man in Melbourne”.

Jenny from Camberwell can’t get enough of her favourite Woolies worker Julian, who she said brightens the days with his positive attitude.

“His happiness and enthusiasm should be bottled!” she wrote along with a video of Julian hard at work greeting shoppers as they enter Camberwell Woolworths.

Like all Victorians, the Woolworths greeter is wearing a mandatory face mask but there is no mistake he is smiling and is seen in the video waving and chatting to everyone that crosses his path.

Woolworths staff member Julian has been dubbed the happiest man in Melbourne
Jenny from Melbourne can’t get enough of her favourite Woolworths worker Julian, who she says brightens the days with his positive attitude. Source: Facebook/Jenny Wren

“He is kind and chatty to every single person he encounters - and yells out to the ones going past as well ... so they don't miss out ... he brightens the day,” Jenny wrote.

In the video shared on The Kindness Pandemic Facebook page, Jenny calls Julian “the happiest man in Melbourne”, something she think is pretty rare at the moment.

“He is the happiest human and while we are in stage four lockdown, with many people getting stressed and fractious, you simply can't not smile when he greets you!” she wrote.

The video has received over 4,000 reactions from people who want their own Julian at their local Woolworths.

“How wonderful. Keep up the good work Julian.The world needs more people like you. That kind, cheerful attitude could make someone’s day,” one person wrote.

“What a legend, he appreciates the fact he has a job, more people should take a leaf out of his book,” a user commented.

“It's getting pretty tough and was feeling the collective weight on our shoulders this morning, and this has just changed my energy,” a happy person wrote.

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