Lightning strike destroys apartment toilet: 'Never seen anything like it'

An unlucky tenant is a little down in the dumps on Friday after losing a toilet that was hit by a ferocious lightning strike.

The angry bolt of lightning targeted the apartment in the US state of Oklahoma on Thursday, zapping the loo and blowing it to pieces.

Photos of the aftermath shared on Facebook show the extent of the blow with blackened remains thrown across the bathroom floor, destroying the seat and bowl.

Toilet destroyed by lightning
The toilet was blown to pieces after the lightning bolt came through the roof and hit it. Source: Facebook

Many joked someone with tummy troubles could have caused the "bombing," but Oklahoma firefighters confirmed a destructive storm was to blame.

Luckily, no one was relieving themselves when the lightning came through the roof and struck the porcelain bowl, according to local reports.

No one was living there at the time but new tenants were supposed to move in the day after the bizarre incident occurred.

Journalist Brooke Griffin said fire crews said they’ve "never seen a call like this one" when she shared the news on Facebook.

Toilet humour ensues online

Needless to say, people were baffled by the accurate aim of the single lightning strike.

It would have been a "crappy" way to go, said many who commented on the bizarre and unlucky outcome.

"I’ve heard of blowing a toilet up, but this is getting a little out of hand," one quipped.

"If someone would have been sitting there they would have been sh*t out of luck," joked another.

"When toilets finally get sick of all your crap," said a third.

Dozens admitted their newfound fear which is using the toilet during a storm.

"Man….. talk about the true definition of getting the sh*t shocked out of you," one wrote.

"I will never poop during a thunderstorm again," said another.

While it's not known exactly why the lightning bolt made a beeline for the toilet, some suggested "electricity flows easily through water," while another suggested cast-iron pipes could be to blame.

Lightning bolt hits field during a storm
Firefighters said an angry storm was to blame for the destruction. Source: Getty

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