Mum gives birth in hotel toilet after thinking she needed to poo

When mum Victoya Venise dashed off to the toilet with tummy pains, she had no idea she'd walk out holding her newborn baby in her arms.

With a sudden urge to empty her bowels Ms Venise, from Louisiana in the US, thought she'd caught her four-year-old daughter's stomach bug, but when she peeked inside the toilet bowl upon finishing, there lay a baby instead.

"I turned around, and it was the baby, and I was like ‘gasp.’ I hurried up, and I grabbed him out of the toilet," she told FOX 5 on Friday.

Victoya Venise from Louisiana, US in hospital with newborn baby Rocky
The woman from Louisiana, US, thought she needed to empty her bowels, but a baby came out instead. Source: Fox 5

The mum was in her hotel room at the time where she was staying for a work trip. Still weeks away from her due date, she didn't realise she'd gone into labour.

"I found a towel and I wrapped him up. I was sitting on the toilet and I called my mom. I was like mom, I just had the baby. I was like he fell in the toilet. She was like, `'Call 911, call 911.'"

After a dramatic entrance into the world, both mum and baby Rocky were taken to the hospital.

Ms Venise said she was told by doctors and paramedics that the situation could have been dangerous for them both, but they're both reportedly healthy, according to the US news channel.

Mum's adoption plan reconsidered

Already a mum of one, the single mum said she'd planned on putting Rocky up for adoption. She felt it would be too tough to juggle single parenting with work.

But she supposedly changed her mind after the "magical" birthing experience which she says "made me connect with him".

She said the extraordinary birth "gave me more courage" and made her believe "I can do this."

"It's a story we'll be telling for the rest of our lives," she said. "If I can do that, I must be able to do a lot."

Unfortunately, the new mum had nothing ready for the arrival of her new baby as she wasn't expecting to keep him.

But she told FOX 5 that she's excited to go shopping and get him everything he needs.

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