Dramatic moment man is struck by lightning while walking dogs

A man has somehow survived being struck by lightning while leaving a park with his three dogs after heroic bystanders leapt into action.

Corey Hart, of the US state of Texas, told Storyful he was sitting in his car waiting to pick up his daughter from work when he saw a flash and heard the “incredibly loud sound” of a lightning strike on Thursday.

He then saw three dogs fleeing across the parking lot before spotting the dogs’ owner, Alex Coreas, appearing lifeless on the ground in the rain.

Mr Hart ran towards Mr Correas and found that he was unresponsive. He then flagged down Bill Wilson, a technician at a nearby veterinary hospital, who immediately started performing CPR on the man.

A man walking dogs is struck by lightning with sparks seen at his feet. He collapses. The dogs run away in fear.
Alex Coreas was struck by lightning while walking his three dogs. Source: Storyful

Both began performing chest compressions on Mr Coreas with the help from another hospital worker.

But Mr Hart was convinced Mr Coreas wasn’t going to wake up.

“The whole front of his shirt was burned,” Hart told Storyful.

Alex Coreas, of Texas, is seen in a hospital bed recovering after he was struck by lightning.
Mr Coreas is recovering in hospital. Source: GoFundMe/ Alexander’s Road to Recovery

They continued performing CPR on Mr Coreas, despite lightning striking around them.

Mr Hart said he told the others, “There’s nowhere to drag him to. You’ve got to do it there”.

Eventually, Mr Coreas showed some signs of responsiveness and was breathing again after an ambulance arrived on the scene.

Mr Coreas was taken to hospital where he is recovering.

Alex Coreas pictured with two of his dogs.
Mr Coreas' three dogs fled after he was struck by lightning but were later found. Source: GoFundMe/ Alexander’s Road to Recovery

His family established a GoFundMe page to help pay for his medical expenses, saying he sustained “very serious injuries”.

They wrote that his clothes “caught on fire from the lightning strike, his shoes were knocked off, and he fell forward to the ground.”

Mr Coreas’ three dogs who fled, frightened by the lightning strike, were later found.

Liz Roesner, the office manager at Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital, said the hospital released the video to raise awareness of the importance of CPR training, and of the dangers of extreme weather.


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