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Landlord's skin-crawling discovery inside apartment

It’s enough to make some of us never want to inspect a vacant property again.

A landlord has made a skin-crawling discovery on checking an empty apartment recently vacated by a tenant in Auburn, in the US state of Maine.

Mr Drew and His Animals Too posted about the find on Facebook.

Drew Desjardins, who owns the business which educates people with live animals, wrote on Facebook the landlord was nervous about a number of abandoned animals.

No, the tenant did not leave behind a puppy or a kitten.

Think fluffy, yes, but more legs.

Two tarantulas are pictured.
It's not the kind of furry animal most people want to see. Source: Facebook/ Mr Drew and His Animals Too

The former occupant left behind 19 tarantulas and a ball python. Ball pythons, also known as royal pythons, are native to central and west Africa. They mostly feed on small rodents.

All of the animals are also illegal in Maine.

Mr Desjardins wrote four of the tarantulas were dead and the python did not have any water.

He has taken the animals in to rehabilitate them.

“The movies show them (the spiders) as being these indestructible creatures that will just come at you if you step on them and jump on people and attack them and run after you and that's not true,” Mr Desjardins told WGME.

He described tarantulas as “very shy and delicate”.

On Facebook, not everyone shared the same enthusiasm for the tarantulas and their snake roommate.

“Oh, my,” one woman wrote.

“My neighbour in the apartment next door to me had one tarantula - that seemed enough.”

Another woman added that even reading about it gave her the “creeps”.

Others were far more sympathetic and questioned how a “careless” person could have left the animals behind.

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