Unsettling find after woman spots 'black things' coming out of tap

A woman has horrified TikTok users after she discovered something unsettling in her bath tap.

Lucy, also known as @iamfinny on TikTok, explained in a video she noticed two "black things" hanging out of the tap.

The "black things" are seen dangling out of the tap just slightly before Lucy then moves the camera around to see what is lurking up the tap.

Stills from a TikTok video showing 'black things' coming out of a tap, which turned out to be a spider.
A TikTok user's video terrified many after she discovered a spider lurking in their bath tap. Source: TikTok/@iamfinny

Inside the tap is a sizeable black spider, the "black things" being its legs.

"Oh my God," Lucy says in a caption on the video.

Lucy then turns on the water and water comes gushing out, expelling the spider from the tap.

The video was shared to TikTok in March, but according to the post the video was deleted by the video-sharing app and then "re-approved".

Despite that, the video has been viewed just under 850,000 times and several people expressed their concern in the comments.

People react to TikTok video of spider

Some people said they were anticipating a jump-scare, while others said they obscured their phone screens to dull the potential fright.

"Why did I feel like the spider was going to jump at the camera," someone said.

"I was waiting for the jump, I couldn't even look at it anymore," another person said.

Several people paid homage to the itsy bitsy spider nursery rhyme, which was quite fitting.

Another person shared their own experience with a spider lurking in their bath tap.

"Happened to me but I pulled it out with my fingers then I screamed," they said.

Someone else suggested Lucy "throw the whole house away", while someone else said it was "bad luck" there were no filters on the end of the tap.

Lucy has resumed her usual content on TikTok, which mainly consists of her artwork, which is a lot more calming than the spider video.

In Australia, finding spiders in places you would rather not is quite common — recently a Coles customer found an huntsman spider crawling along packs of chocolate iced donuts.

He said it was just an "average day at the grocery store in Australia" on Twitter.

Earlier this year, Sydney residents were warned spiders could make their way for people's homes after a brutal lashing of rain devastated the east coast.

The rain meant more funnel webs could be more active.

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