Tourist mocked over 'late night' fail on Queensland beach

It was an unforgettable trip to the beach for one unlucky driver who somehow ended up bogged in the sand at a Queensland beach this week.

Driving a Land Rover Discovery, it appears the thrill-seeker attempted to mount a rocky retaining wall lining Noosa's Main Beach, en route to the picturesque hot spot Noosa Spit.

But the off-road joy ride didn't last long as the SUV's tyres become lodged deep in the sand, stopping the driver in their tracks.

Land Rover Discovery stuck in sand on Main Beach, Noosa Heads
The driver of the Land Rover Discovery was enjoying a joy ride in Noosa Heads before landing in a sticky situation on the beach. Source: Facebook/Clayton's Towing

Local towing company Clayton's Towing, that attended the job, said it took a good hour to release the car from the beach's grip, but the operator didn't complain.

"Best part of the job for us was the view," the company told Yahoo News Australia.

"We get paid to go onto one of the nicest beaches in the world."

The towing company attended to the job on Monday morning, but the joy ride took place the night before.

"It was a late night adventure, into the wilds of Noosa," the company told Yahoo, adding the driver most likely took a trip down Hastings Street —the main road leading up to the beach— before heading to the sand.

Land Rover Discovery stuck in sand on Main Beach, Noosa Heads being towed
The towing company managed to free the vehicle from the popular picturesque beach after about an hour. Source: Facebook/Clayton's Towing

While exact circumstances surrounding the blunder are unknown, Clayton's Towing thinks they have a pretty good idea.

"The owner made a bad choice and thought there was a ramp onto the beach," the company said.

It also confirmed the driver was "from interstate on holidays," so that's probably why they didn't know there's no vehicle access allowed on Noosa beaches.

Driver ridiculed online: 'Great effort'

In photos shared on the Clayton's Towing Facebook page, the driver was no one where to be seen – but the pictures spoke volumes.

The unfortunate mishap bemused locals with many poking fun at both the driver and the car.

Land Rover Discovery stuck in sand on Main Beach, Noosa Heads being towed
The operator who attended the job wasn't complaining about the view at Noosa Spit, a popular tourist attraction. Source: Facebook/Clayton's towing

"That’s why they call them Discovery - they Discover they don’t work in sand," one person mocked on Facebook.

"Ya can't park there mate," another pointed out, taking aim at the unusual spot.

Others praised the driver for their "great effort" jokingly admitting it'd be pretty difficult to park there with such precision.

"Parking in Noosa is getting worse but this is taking it to the ridiculous," someone else wrote.

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