The secret KitKat ingredient shocking the internet: 'Not what you think'

The internet has just discovered what is on the inside of a KitKat and it's not what many people thought.

The classic Nestlé chocolate bar that people have been eating for generations is advertised as being 70 per cent milk chocolate and 30 per cent wafer fingers, which should come as little surprise.

However, it's what makes up the filling between the wafers that's blowing minds around the world, with a viral video exposing the secret racking up over 10 million views in just over a week.

KitKat chocolate bar in wrapper
A viral video has revealed what the filling in KitKats is made from. Source: Supplied

Popular YouTuber Zack D. Films has revealed that KitKats are actually filled with wafers and... broken KitKats.

In a video titled "The Inside Of KitKats Are NOT What You Think", the content creator explains that the brown layers inside a KitKat are produced by taking bars that were imperfect or broken in the production process and grinding them up into a fine paste.

"Some KitKats get broken while they're being made, and instead of throwing them out, the company crushes them up and adds sugar," Zack says in the video.

"And that's what's inside of a KitKat bar: it's literally crushed up KitKats."

'The perfect loop'

This isn't the first time the KitKat ingredient secret been revealed, as the BBC went behind the scenes of how the 85-year-old chocolate bar is made back in 2015, but millions of people are just now discovering the news.

"That perfect loop doesn't ex-..." one person commented on YouTube.

"So how do you make a KitKat? By adding KitKat," another laughed.

"Me being worried. It's just crushed up KitKats. The biggest sigh of relief ever," a third commented.

Chicken and egg scenario

It wasn't long before people were wondering how the process started.

"Wait, so then what would be inside the first KitKat?" one person mused, as others added similar comments.

But far from disliking the secret ingredient, many said it added to their appreciation of the chocolate treat.

"Now I just love KitKats even more," one person wrote, receiving over 8,000 likes on her comment.

"I love how they did not waste all the KitKats!" another added. "And that's how you don't waste food, just make them food again," a third concurred.

Nestlé responds

A spokesperson for Nestlé has confirmed the waste-reducing process.

"Yes, a KitKat does theoretically contain parts of a KitKat," Joyce Tan, Head of Marketing, Confectionery for Nestlé in Australia, revealed.

"The delicious praline we use between the wafers in a KitKat is in fact KitKat chocolate and wafer pieces mixed together with other ingredients. Both scrumptious and eliminates the waste from any KitKat."

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