'End life as we know it': Kerri-Anne Kennerley attacks Bill Shorten in furious on-air rant

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Channel 10 presenter Kerri-Anne Kennerley has slammed Bill Shorten in an unexpected on-air explosion, suggesting if the Labor party are voted in it would be the “end to life as we know it”.

The Studio 10 co-host lambasted several policies of the Labor party on the show just days from this weekend’s election.

Mr Shorten was the focal point of her savage attack, with Kennerley suggesting a Labor win would see vast changes across the nation.

“If Bill Shorten gets in, it’s the end of life as we know it,” she said.

Australian Federal Election: Kerri-Anne Kennerley slammed Bill Shorten on Studio 10 TV show
Kerri-Anne Kennerley exploded on Studio 10 on Wednesday. Source: Channel 10
A screenshot of Kerri-Anne Kennerley during her on-screen rant about the Labor party in the run up to the Federal Election
Kennerley hit out over several Labor policies. Source: Channel 10

“Honestly, without question.”

She took particular offence to a rumoured Gender Commission, despite Labor never announcing such concrete plans.

“One thing I’m seriously outraged about, the millions and millions they’ll spend on a Gender Commission,” Kennerley said.

Her comments come after Tasmania’s government passed legislation in April allowing parents to choose whether or not they declared the gender of their child.

“These kids out there who are gender confused, and there’s a percentage of people out there gender confused, they will put up this Commission and we, like Tasmania, will have a child and it won’t be male or female, it will be gender-free,” she said.

There is however a National Gender Centre in the Labor pipeline, where a Sexual Orientation Commissioner would be appointed if Labor succeed, News Corp reported.

A photo of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten
Bill Shorten moved his attentions to unpaid workers on Wednesday. Source: AAP

Kennerley suggested such a move was centred around a minority and would “screw around with the other 95 per cent that are doing okay”.

She was not finished there though and unleashed on Labor’s cancer care plan, which looks to reduce costs for those in treatment.

“Throwing money at cancer is just feeding the chooks,” Kennerley said.

“Don’t believe it – dig a little deeper.

“Anybody who believes they’ll be better off if Shorten and the Greens get in is under some whoopy-do cloud. It will never, ever happen. You will tank.”

Shorten’s unpaid wages pledge

Her rant came the same day as Shorten pledged to help unpaid workers, with employees owed up to $100,000 having their owed money returned to them in as little as 24 hours.

Bill Shorten has promised to establish a new jurisdiction to sit alongside the Fair Work Commission to crack down on "wage theft".

"It shouldn't be too hard, it shouldn't be too costly, to get what you are owed for a day's pay," he said.

Lengthy and costly court proceedings too often deterred people from pursuing underpaid wages, Mr Shorten said.

The proposed new jurisdiction would be able to mediate claims as well as make and enforce orders for repayment of wages.

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