Keno winner leaves club unaware of $1.7 million win despite flashing message

The Keno player said he has been using the same numbers for more than 20 years, but never believed he would win.

A man who admitted to having pangs of jealousy after patrons at the club he was eating lunch at burst into celebration over a $1.7 million Keno win said he had no idea the money was his until he got back home.

The Tweed Heads, NSW, resident — who has been playing the same numbers across Keno and lotteries for more than 20 years — said he was flabbergasted when they “finally hit” on Thursday.

“I never gave them a hope in hell. Turns out it was worth the wait,” he told an official from Keno on Monday morning. The man took home a total prize of $1,779,864 after holding a Keno Classic 10 Spot winning entry in draw 634.

Winning Keno ticket in front of a platter of food.
The Keno player said he felt pangs of jealousy before leaving the club and heading home, unaware of his windfall. Source: Keno

“Everything went ballistic at the pub and this enormous win kept flashing up on the screen, so I thought someone had come forward and claimed it,” he explained, revealing he sat there and thought “gee that would be nice wouldn’t it”.

Moments later, he left the Twin Towns Juniors club where he was dining and went home, not giving it a second thought until a mate contacted him to let him know the prize had yet to be claimed.

“To say I was shocked when I checked the numbers is an understatement!” the Keno player said.

Keno win on club's first day open

The newly-minted millionaire told the official he “won’t change too much” despite his now inflated bank account, but is “really looking forward to setting up [his kids]” to ensure “their lives are as easy as possible”. “It’s life-changing, I just feel so lucky. It’ll pay off my home loan and that’s enough for now.”

Twin Towns Juniors manager Chris Mullen said the “phenomenal” win occurred on the club’s first day of trade.

“Someone has come along to Juniors, probably to check us out and have a look around, decided to put a Keno on and wow, they’ve won almost $1.8 million,” he said.

“That’s a life-changing amount of money, and we’re all so excited that it was won here! We're glad to hear it’s one of our locals. To christen our new club on day one with a Keno jackpot win of this size is something we’ll always remember, and our members will too.”

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