How Aussie ‘manifested’ second major Keno jackpot worth $414k

The man has said the universe is to thank for his double winnings.

Many go their whole life without knowing a lottery winner let alone winning anything themselves. But one incredibly lucky Aussie has defied all odds, winning Keno for a second time in just three years.

The Victorian man from Langwarrin was in complete shock after winning $414,592 on Friday, sharing with officials that although this is "unbelievable", it is not his first big win.

"You’re not going to believe this either, but I won $60,000 on Keno a few years ago," he said.

Photo of Keno phone app on an Apple Iphone with a caravan blurred in the background.
Man who won Keno for a second time in three years hopes to buy a caravan and travel. Source: Keno

The lucky Aussie held a Keno Classic 9 Spot winning entry in draw 198, scoring $414,592.00 and said the universe is to thank for this second win.

"I’ve been working on myself so much and manifesting a positive life change," he said. "I knew something good was on the horizon for me. It’s just all coming together".

Previously, in 2020, he won a Keno Classic Spot 8 winning entry in game 088, taking home $62,028.30 after a last-minute decision to change up the numbers he usually plays.

When asked about what he was going to do with his fresh winnings, the man said we was going to focus on work-life balance and helping others.

"I’ll just have so much freedom,” he said. "I’ve always wanted to buy a caravan and travel around while focusing on my business".

Not the only double Keno winner

A Queenslander recently left people in absolute shock after winning two Keno jackpots simultaneously, taking home a whopping $8 million.

“Everyone thought I was crazy for playing the same numbers in both games. Well, they didn’t win $8 million!" he told The Lott at the time.

And in 2022, a Sydney man picked up two Keno lottery wins in just one month. He first won $20,000 and then another $78,000 in a Keno Classic 8 Spot.

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