Kangaroo 'near death' found floating 800m off shore

A drowning kangaroo has been pulled from the ocean nearly one kilometre off Western Australia’s coastline.

The marsupial was clinging to life on the surface of the water when fishermen spotted him about 800 metres from Geraldton’s Point Moore Lighthouse.

The workers on board the local fishing charter from Offshore Charters WA knew they had to act quickly, with one making the impulsive decision to jump in.

The kangaroo moments after being pulled from the ocean. Source: Offshore Charters WA - Geraldton

“One of the lads jumped in the water and tied a rope to the kangaroo and pulled him on board,” wildlife rescuer Michelle Jones, who was later called to help save the animal, revealed on Facebook, saying the roo was “near death”.

The charter boat skipper, Kim Wheatley, told Perth Now they were forced to perform CPR and removed about a litre of water from the roo.

Ms Jones, along with a local vet, met the boat at the shore and wrapped the exhausted kangaroo in bedding.

Crew rush to the roo's aid. Source: Offshore Charters WA - Geraldton
One man gives the recovering kangaroo fresh water. Source: Offshore Charters WA - Geraldton

The roo, which has since been nicknamed “Offshore”, was hydrated and later released onto a rescue property. Ms Jones said she the animal was recuperating well following a visit to the property on Tuesday.

She described the efforts of the men onboard as “bloody amazing” and said the rescue was one of the “craziest” she’d ever been involved in.

Earlier this month, a dog was found struggling in the Gulf of Thailand 220km off the coast.

The kangaroo is recovering well. Source: Offshore Charters WA - Geraldton

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