Julia Bradbury's Lockdown Reading List: 12 Books To Transport You To Other Worlds

Julia Bradbury

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We’ve all been told that lockdown is the perfect opportunity to catch up on our reading. If you can manage that in between the home schooling, online yoga classes and Zoom meetings, here’s a diverse selection of books that all have an escapist quality for your time in isolation. Some explore our sense of place, others take you travelling (we can dream) and a few examine what is to be human in the 21st Century. Novels, missing landscapes, fact and fiction… enjoy. 


Remembering Lions – Wildlife Photographers United

This volume is part of the fantastic Remembering Wildlife series. Coffee table books might feel like an indulgence, but beautiful photography needs space on the page and there’s another reason to justify this one – the striking images of lions from all over the world have been donated by more than 70 top wildlife photographers including Marsel van Oosten, Frans Lanting, Art Wolfe, Steve Winter and Michael Poliza, to raise awareness of the plight facing lions as well as funds to protect them. Plus I’m a Leo – how about you?


Atlas of Vanishing Places – Travis Elborough and Martin Brown

Subtitled “The lost worlds, as they were and as they are today”, this book is a fascinating voyage around territories lost to history – from forgotten islets to entire cities. Winner of the Illustrated Book of the Year in the Edward Stanford Travel Writing awards, which I judged and presented this year, it’s a tantalising glimpse into places we’ve never known. Knowing what we’ve lost can help us treasure what we have, now especially.


Half A World Away – Mike Gayle

A perfect holiday read but you might need to hide your tears behind those big...

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