Journalist's terrifying close call with crocodile caught on camera

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In show business they say never work with children or animals.

And a news reporter has learnt that the hard way after coming terrifyingly close to the jaws of a crocodile while filming in the Northern Territory.

Zarisha Bradley, a reporter with 9News Darwin, was filming a segment on Bonecruncher who had his bottom jaw ripped out in a crocodile attack and was also missing one of his legs.

He’s found a soft spot in the heart of crocodile wrangler Matt Wright.

A crocodile named Bonecruncher snaps at 9News Darwin reporter Zarisha Bradley.
Bonecruncher gets acquainted with 9News reporter Zarisha Bradley. Source: Nine News

Mr Wright wrote on Instagram on Monday, Bonecruncher hadn’t been seen for nine months and he believed the animal had died. Bushfires had burnt through a lot of his habitat and he’s already vulnerable given his injuries.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw him, one of the best moments ever,” he wrote.

“It just brings home to me more than ever, how resilient these animals are, they’ve been around over 200 million years and you can see why.”

Bradley went to interview Mr Wright about his bond with his snappy mate of few words.

But while seated in a hovercraft, Bradley got a little too close to Bonecruncher while the cameras were rolling and the cheeky crocodile leapt up and took a snap at her much to the reporter’s shock.

“I don’t think I’ve moved quicker in my life,” she wrote for Nine News.

Bradley added she was okay and was in safe hands with Mr Wright.

“I mean, I just laughed it off and the angle probably looked worse than it actually was,” she said.

Bradley later wrote in an online piece she doesn’t hold any grudges against the crocodile.

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